Welcome to CDI

We are transforming ownership of our economy — so that all people can meet their basic needs.

Cooperative Development Institute (CDI) is the source for cooperative business development in the Northeast. CDI’s mission is to build a cooperative economy through the creation and development of successful cooperative enterprises and networks in diverse communities in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island and New York.

Cooperative Development Institute staff specialize in helping people work together to plan and launch a cooperatively owned business. We help existing privately held businesses convert to ones owned by their employees or the consumers of their products and services, we help start-up cooperatives, and we support existing cooperative businesses.

Our organization provides education, training and technical assistance to cooperatively-structured enterprises in all business sectors: food, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, housing, energy, arts, retail, service, health, and more. Find out more about CDI’s consultation services and our educational and training programs.

CDI fully supports the statement of values and principles adopted by the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA). CDI’s work is also guided by the Madison Principles, professional standards set by cooperative development leaders in Madison, Wisconsin in 1994.


CDI Garners 4 USDA Rural Development Grants

The United States Department of Agriculture offers a multitude of grants and support for development of rural communities, and recognizes that cooperatives are a key way to strengthen conditions for rural people. In this year’s funding round, CDI won four different grants to help in different ways. The Rural Cooperative Development Grant, for $200,000, has…

CDI Helps Save Over 100 Affordable Homes in Burlington, VT

Each night for the last year, homeowners at Farrington’s Mobile Home Park went to bed knowing that having a future in their homes wasn’t a guarantee. The 117 lot community was put on the market for $5 million when its owner, Sandra Farrington, died last year. Residents worried the land would soon be sold to…